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Hang On To Your Joy Stick... This Mission Sucks!

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ITN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with House of XI House Band Leader!
"Money Is Meant To Be Spent!  Art Is Meant To Be Experienced!" - Children's Lead Vocalist

house of XI's house band
Walk The Rows

The Veil of Secrecy
Reveals a Magical Recco Guitar
Why They Only Play house of XI Events!

Children's Newest Hit Release From Children Records
"Run For The House"
 Ro Call 

ITN EXCLUSIVE! "Children" Their Five String Magic Recco's Live Solo
Performance of
"Sang Royale" Free Download Right Here, Enjoy!

Sang Royale  CHILDREN Records 2006  wma 0.4 MB 



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Aeon Flux Gets Exposed! 



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You Can Edit The Play Back All Of The Instruments In A Track!





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I Scream Baby!  The Ultimate Summer Creams!



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