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Born Thursday 2:02am May 21st,1964, at Chicago, Illinois, XI began his studies in the disciplines of music, physics, astronomy, martial arts, and religion very young. At the age of 13 while in church at the 'Indiana Avenue Pentecostal Church of God' in Chicago, XI was subjected to a startling Ordeal before the eyes of all who were present (approx. 600 clergy), the Ordeal will not be discussed in a public forum.

       At the age of 14, XI moved to Portland, Oregon, USA, where he and his masters founded the Sea Dragon Temple (a very special school of study). Thus beginning the blended study of universal true life experiences along with hard-core unbiased research methods.

       Dr. XI Lee claims not to be the first to create these blended study facilities. For example he often points out that there has been a 'Tai Chi Research Center' in Southern Canada since he was a child and has always wanted to see the establishing of such a facility in every region of the world.

       Thus far Dr. XI Lee, along with other scientific researchers has established two such facilities on the North American continent...

Sea Dragon Temple   Portland, Oregon  -  SKRI TECH   Manitou Springs, Colorado

A Great Big Hello!
Benjamin Franklin High school, Portland, Oregon Class of '82
Air Force Academy High school, Co. Spgs. Colorado Class of '82
Stephen Decatur High school, Decatur, Illinois Class of '82


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